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Tustena CRM - More than expected
15 years of Digita. Along with experience, has increased
the desire to impress.
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In base alle competenze si potrà contribuire all'evoluzione del backend, del frontend, delle API o del sistema Mobile di Tustena CRM, oltre a integrarlo con soluzioni terze.
I requisiti sono un'ottima conoscenza del linguaggio C# e Passione per lo sviluppo di soluzioni innovative ed esperienza nello sviluppo di applicazioni web scalabili.
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Aldo | SysAdmin
“Since we have Tustena and Mago.Net integrated, the control of business operations and customer care is no longer a problem.”
Tustena onDemand


Tustena CRM onDemand is the "turnkey" solution for those companies who demand the most out of a CRM, but do not intend to  install anything in order to maintain operative the program on their server. To use Tustena CRM you just need an internet connection and a Web browser and that's enough! Your Tustena will always be updated and supported by a team of experts.


Cloud Technology


With the development of Cloud Computing new technologies, Tustena is safely managed  on high performance servers. This technology allows maximum safety and reliability for your data. You don't have to worry about any downtime or hardware failures. Tustena CRM servers ensure data privacy and the highest levels of security.