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Tustena: the main features

Tustena CRM offers a large range of capabilities that allow, with a single instrument, to cover the many needs and requests in the global market.


Essential for a company that wants to grow and play an important role in the market are the marketing strategies. Tustena provides the "tool" to implement your strategies that might served to acquiring new customers or retain them. You can perform actions of Direct Marketing, Multi-channel campaigns, lead capture directly into the CRM. We are aware of the great importance of an effective and organized comunication towards customers. Tustena CRM is designed to meet this need in the simplest and functional way.

Opportunity Management
Tustena manages two types of opportunities: one-to-one and one-to-many. This container allows you to plan small dealing opportunity associating activities, without necessarily build a campaign. Ideal for flash tasks without planning activities and working groups. Easy and efficient thanks to the possibility to import leads from advanced research that minimizes work time.
Promotion Management
With the management of promotions you can create and follow the special offers that you are going to present to your customers, while controlling the activities and profits.
Lead Management
The leads or prospects is the dominant information in contact management. The activity of "lead generation" managed automatically through the Tustena WebForm, the WebGate and advanced WebService allow the company to gather information on potential customers and to manage it efficently. In addition to "automatically assignation and leads conversion" all operations that usually take away time are handled automatically by the system.
E-Mail Marketing and mailing list
Tustena CRM offers an integrated system to manage email campaigns directly from the software without the need to subscribe to a third part service to send newsletters. The powerful built-in HTML editor allows you to create eye-catching graphics mail and text processing.
Automatically leads assignation and conversion
Whenever you load a new lead, either automatically or manually, the decision making system of Tustena CRM automatically assigns the lead to an operator with references to previously defined workflow rules created by the administrator. Thanks to the automatic conversion, once consolidated the relationship with the client, you can then convert the lead in a company or contact without the need for reinsert all the data.
Campaign Management
The high configurability of Tustena and its extension allows you to manage complex campaigns. The integration between CRM and telephony allows you to launch calls directly from the customer record, or find it already open when your customers call,, greatly simplify the work. We have developed these capabilities to adapt the current market needs upholding the highest standards.
With Tustena you can create and send complex questionnaires for any purpose or requirement. You'll have access to the records in the database and while you're on the same data you will be able to export reports, in various formats for further analysis and investigation.
Company Management

Today, a company that does not recur to a computer system capable not only to speed up and optimize customer management, but also to provide an adequate solution in terms of customer satisfaction and optimization of its profits, is a company doomed to his decline. Tustena CRM is the best platform to achive a better manage of the business processes. With Tustena you can standardize business processes saving time and money. A single interface to access all enterprise resources, to share knowledge and simplify the processes through integrated communications. Employees come and go, Tustena remains.

Company Management and Contacts
Focal point of CRM system, companies and contact management allows to focus the entire customer management through a single database, allowing quick access to all information available for the specific account. The contacts and companies are managed separately to allow more contacts to be associated for the same company or migration of employees, consultants from company to company. From the tabs of customers you can access all the activities done and undone, campaigns, ticket purchases, quotations, orders, invoices and many other information Tustena CRM is able to manage.
It is essential for a good competitive CRM allow you to plan and organize all the commitments, appointments and tasks for oneself and for your team. Tustena CRM offers an easy and intuitive interface that allows you to keep an eye on all the work of the entire office. And thanks to plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and powerful management capabilities of iCal, you can import and export activities in the most common software calendar to always have on hand information even on different devices such as Pocket PC, Blackberry and phones.
Task Management
The heart of any CRM. Tasks are the "thread of Arianna" of customer relations, used to keep track of phone calls, e-mail, appointments, visits and many other types of events. Structured in a hierarchical form and branched, are integrated with most CRM Tustena modules, making them the main tool of the whole work, with the ability to print summaries and make reports.
Tustena CRM offers several administrative tools to manage and customize all aspects of the system. Lists, menus, facilities and fields are manageable by the designed administrator and who has been authorized through the setup menu with ease and without specific knowledge. Each user will also have the opportunity to customize their layout with just a few clicks.
Security and granular permits
To decide who can see what or who can create, modify, or only see, it needs just a simple click, because the management of the safety profiles of Tustena allows the definition of access policies for each group by area and applicable to all entities included the owner .
Workflow Management
By "rules management" in Tustena we can define workflow and customizable utility for secure business process management
Privacy Application
Tustena CRM can manage with just one click the possibility of sending '"Privacy Policy" and the double opt-in required by law to consent sending newsletters.
Dynamic Anagraphics
The personal data are divided into three main structures that show a clear division based on the level of customer loyalty. Equipped with pre-loaded lists to easily select the type of customer, fillable fields vary according to the latter allowing the storage of any needed information for that type of customer.
Office Calendar
View the working day of all my colleagues to identify the best time for a meeting or to assess the workload. All in safety thanks to the system that manages access permissions based on group membership and hierarchy.
An easy to use interactive planner that allows viewing daily, weekly or monthly commitments, tasks and appointments. Integrated with records management activities, is stores scheduled appointments through other forms of CRM to know what to do and when in a single interface. In addition it also allows synchronization with Outlook or if you want you can export to other appointments calendar management programs.
Office Access
You can delegate the access to management meetings in order to facilitate the work for those who are always out or use a secretary to manage agenda.
Zone Management and Agents
Land management is a strong point of Tustena CRM, because every customer has a sales representative and a zone. Each zone has an area manager and all the information on the negotiations are bound to the hierarchy set to prevent agents spy on their colleagues.
Project Management
At what point is your project? It's the typical question that the customer addressed to the company. Tustena CRM is an open window on the project, you can see the progress, who is working, delays and reasons for the postponement. The client will have straight and concrete answers, a source of confidence and satisfaction towards the company. All participants in the advanced section receive an automatic notification via email with the state of the art and tasks. It is no longer necessary to communicate every single activities needed to be carried out, the planning system will ensure the tasks management to get the work more streamlined and effective. In addition to tracking the progress and organize the work, the project module provides registration of the reasons for the delay by the user and any requests for more time to allow team leaders to reevaluate priorities and assignments that have exceed the first delivery times.
Archive Menagement
Create and manage an efficient archive where store files, email attachments in order to have them always at hand even when you're out of office. You can organize the archive into folders and sub-folders and establish a system of reviews for the publication of your files.
Sales Force

Tustena guides you through the entire sales process. Offers a new way to manage existing customers and potential ones. The sharing of information between all commercial allows the development of more effective strategies. Every day you can monitor the "hottest" and more profitable negotiations and manage the entire sales process from creating a quotation to its transformation in order and related invoice. The system of "approval" of the real-time quotes will enable you to communicate with the administration for the advancement of practices, so also the commercial out of office will always have a reference point for ongoing negotiations.

Product Catalog
The catalog products integrates one instrument managing all products / services marketed, lists and availability. It is used either to generate estimates, complete with sheets, descriptions, documentation and free fields for integration with the eCommerce module. And if this were not enough, you can perform statistical analysis and reports on products.
The order management module allows you to charge orders manually or through the conversion of a quote or an order by e-commerce. Go directly to the product catalog and customer information, order management will be much leaner and faster. Although this form allows either the press or sending the order in PDF format. It is also possible to integrate order management with ERP or AS40 already in the company.
Being able to make estimates "on the fly." Do not lose more hours to generate quotes being careful to page layout, making sure that it is latest model issued by the ISO. By selecting the customer inside Tustena, the system already knows how to pay that customer for each type of sale. By placing the products from the catalog will find all of the quotation's field pre-filled and you will have have evidence of a real-time earnings. It will no longer need a calculator to determine the discount to be done.
Price lists and advanced conditions
The Price lists and conditions are configurable for each product, category and product + customer. Allow to act on the cost and discounts through complex formulas. In addition, on agent mode, cost management can be altered as a percentage.
Sales Process
Tustena can follow the entire sales process. From quotation, order creation to billing and recording payments. For those who do not have an ERP Tustena can offer a reliable alternative.
Contract Management
Allows the loading and binding of contracts to customers, recording the date and any SLA (Service Level Agreement) relating to response times and resolution of cage managed by Ticket module. The Invoice Timetable alert if a contract expires and automatically alert the sales representative to proceed with the renewal or revision.
Invoice Timetable
To simplify all the planning and management, now Tustena CRM integrates two convenient schedules which summarize the maturities of interest. Completely configurable.
Dealing in progress
To the Area Manager or the user will be easy to control all phases of the sales negotiations and focus on more profitable customers. In addition, the integrated reporting provides an overview to assess the progress of the business and the automation system will alert the operator when a negotiation is being neglected.
Product Sheets
Each product in the catalog may be accompanied by brochures and data sheets in pdf. As well as help the commercial in case of need, documents can be integrated inside the quote that will be delivered to the customer.
Services Management

The management of services within Tustena is designed to meet the highest standards that modern business companies require. You'll find that Tustena offers you the ability to manage and build contracts for the provision of services with the opportunity to integrate the management of service calls, fleet management, waste storage and much more. It 'was thought, moreover, a complete, functional help desk and ticketing system with the opportunity to store solutions and procedures in the Knowledge base, a precious container where draw at any time. Not only the "users" of Tustena can take advantage of its features but also your customers. The creation and configuration of the "Self Service Portal"  allows companies to gain access for external people to their restricted area thus allowing independently to carry out certain types of actions (open ticket, exchange data, access product lists, etc. ..). The Portal extends the power of CRM, by defining a new way to interact with your company.

Ticketing System
An essential tool for managing post-sales but most of all for requests of assistance. Highly configurable, the management of the Ticket and 'Help Desk with Tustena CRM will no longer be a problem. Automate and speed up service requests, complaints, bug report from your customers. Any activity can be linked and searched.
With Tustena you will be able to receive mails, archive and integrate them with the capabilities of CRM. You will find that WebMail tool will help to improve relations with your clients and will allow you to manage requests for assistance or information.
Knowledge Base
All information, solutions, business tips collected in a single container from which you can always draw upon to give customers accurate, comprehensive and quickly answers. This function is integrated with the management of Ticket and this will help your company to provide a high level of service,
Auto answer incoming e-emails
This automation allows you to avoid manual loading of information received by e-emails, such as requests for information / assistance that will be converted to ticket and assigned to the reference set automatically. Through the inclusion of a marker that persists even to the forwarding and reply, Tustena CRM can track all emails for the same problem without manual aggregation activities.
SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Service Level Management is one of the most complex and important task to manage in any kind of customer service. This extension of the integrated ticketing system inside Tustena CRM, interacting with the management of contacts makes it easy to automatically manage the entire flow of resolving procedure ensuring reliable. You can control the assignment of priority flows and the processing time of customer service.
Self-Service Portal
The creation and configuration of the portal allows companies and people outside accessing to a restricted area of Tustena CRM.Solve the problem of carrying out independently certain types of actions (open ticket, exchange data, access product lists, etc. ..). The portal extends the capabilities of CRM, by defining a new way to interact with your company.

The analysis is especially important to evaluate any action within the CRM. Tustena offers a wide range of customizable easy-to-read reports. All reports can be saved for future use and can be exported in many formats for maximum portability: TXT, CSV, XSL, XML, PDF, RTF. Every activity within Tustena is traced and can be used as objective data to create reports on the work of employees, sales, revenues and everything that has to do with CRM Tustena. Thanks also to the use of graphs all the information are easy to read and they will allow you to understand what happens within your company.

Advanced research
Find everything at once, this is the goal we have set with the "advanced search". Research for date, numeric ranges, for lists of features are very useful when the database company has reached significant dimensions. Easy and always available on the sidebar, allowing you to refine the already powerful features of basic research.
Along with the powerful reporting system Tustena CRM, automatic generation of charts gives you an easy and immediate understanding of the information. It is also an essential tool for the preparation of presentations and as a support tool for operative meetings.
Advanced Reports
Pride of Tustena CRM is totally the reporting system that allows you to create custom reports, data crossing at will, in addition to a number of predefined reports for the most common requests. All reports created can be saved to be reused, such as deciding which variables and parameters are fixed for a quick access to information. In addition, reports can be exported in many formats for maximum portability: TXT, CSV, XSL, XML, PDF, RTF.
Automatic sending reports via email
Thanks to the advanced scheduler module and to the sophisticated mailing system management you can schedule automatic delivery of reports previously configured. Send the status of negotiations with the sales manager'sBlackberry will no longer be the problem. Simply configure the operation once and the system will automatically send the report at the scheduled time.
Efficacy Analysis
Immediate feedback on the number of mails sent, number of delivering failures, clicks on the link inside the emails, phone calls with their comments and notes and the integration with campaign management offer to the operator an unique summary where following up the progress of the marketing actions.
Exported Reports
In addition to being displayed on the screen, the reporting system allows to export popular formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, Text. You can plan scheduled reports and sending in the mail at regular intervals, so for example, the boss will receive the list of open negotiations directly on his BlackBerry. In addition, the reports are accessible through the WebService for direct integration with other applications.

What Tustena CRM provides you is a series of tools to customize and expand "your" CRM. Thanks to the "business logic" which Tustena has been constructed you will have the opportunity to deploy your business ideas. You will have, for example, the ability to make interactions with the CRM and the company's website, or automate routine tasks. The possibilities are endless, it's up to you to find the best way to exploit them. The use of CRM will be facilitated by the Wizard of help that will make it easier operations management by providing advice that are always useful for maximizing results. Tustena CRM, finally, is in a continuos evolution and updates will be made automatically without the need for an expert to install.

Data import
The import data tool allows Tustena CRM to import data from standard record formats and convert them to Companies, Contacts and Leads or load items in the catalog or activities. Extremely easy to use, enable the mapping of fields in order to load data from disparate sources such as Outlook, Excel spreadsheets, ERP software.
Customizable Dashboard
You can personalize your "dashboard" to suit your needs. In a single glance you will have everything you need to optimize your work and save precious time.
Advanced Web Service
Tustena offers the opportunity to talk with the most advanced WebService, allowing to extend the capabilities of your business.
Start up has never been easier! A wizard will guide you into all the basic steps for initial configuration of the system. Six steps that will help you prepare Tustena CRM without any problem.
Dynamic Sidebar
The sidebar provides plenty of tools that facilitate repetitive tasks, and help informing the user. With the new menu management, it is possible to define which "gadgets" you want on your monitor, and Tustena will show them over all the tabs.
Massive Update
It 'was extended to all CRM the functionality of massive update of data, very useful for editing large amounts of tabs in a single operation.
Layout Studio
All major masks of CRM are now configurable at will. Add, move and remove fields, tabs and lists has become a snap with the drag & drop interface. You will have the opportunity for each user to configure the layout as needed to differentiate the visibility of certain elements.
Normalization and deduplication
Sophisticated analysis tools allow you to prevent and to normalize any duplicate data, which can be merged with the original before removal to avoid losing any information stored on the wrong customer profile.
Mail Editor
A sophisticated editor allows the construction of graphic emails with dynamic fields (which vary for each recipient based on data recorded in CRM). Support for multiple lists allows you to create different lists for different interest groups, to avoid sending emails to recipients who are not interested. One tool that put no boundaries to your activities of Direct E-mail Marketing (DEM).
Time Zone Managing
For those companies that have offices in different countries or working with foreign clients, the system automatically handles the time zone differences, adjusting the hours of meetings and appointments according to the time of the user to avoid misunderstandings and missed appointments.
Dynamic Database
The difference between Tustena and other CRM resides also in the implementation of dynamic databases. The advantage of creating a database resides in interconnect all the existing data in a logical model in order to menage more efficiently all the data connected to Tustena. The database will then no longer be just a static "container", but an integral part of the actions inside this CRM.
Database related to customer files
The database thanks to specific types of hyperlinks fields can be connected to the companies tabs, contacts and leads to create linked relations between database and the relative customers tab extending them to all intents and purposes. With a simple click you can switch from the customer record to the database, without doing research finding the most relevant information immediately.

Tustena CRM offers numerous vertical solutions geared to cover the needs of several specific markets. Many of these are available through the network of partners or developed by the Tustena Developing Team. Every business is unique, both as a market approach to business processes that it implements a daily basis. The CRM must adapt to the way you work by enabling freedom of action and minimizing the operational constraints of a typical management program. Designed to be extremely flexible, Tustena CRM fulfills these basic requirements and allows us to customize it with extreme rapidity and cost-effectively, to service the most of your business needs and always offer the most effective solution without forcing you to sacrifice or unwanted changes.

Designed as a multi-lingual and multi-currency, Tustena CRM allows the company to operate on a global territory managing autonomously time zone differences between offices and customers, changes the currency in offers and price lists, and user interface language. Currently available in English, Italian and Spanish, Tustena CRM has an easy development kit for language for an easy implementation of other languages​​.
Mobile Access
You will have free access to Tustena from your Smartphone, Tablet or Mobile device. So you can work freely on the move and take your data with you safely. With the new generation of mobile devices, like the iPhone, the experience in even better.
Tustena CRM supports Unicode in all its parts, so there are no problems in displaying names and characters in exotic languages​​.
CTI/VOIP Integration
The integration between CRM and telephony is the killer-app for all commercial who work on the phone. Launch calls directly from the customer record, or found it already open when your customers call, greatly simplify the work.
OutLook Integrationj
Optimizing the organization of information and eliminate duplication and duplicate entries. We provide a plugin to sync Tustena with Outlook allowing you to store emails in Tustena and synchronize contacts between CRM and Outlook.
Ajax 2.0 Implementation
After 2 years of research and development, Tustena CRM evolves its interactive interface integrating a new generation of Ajax rendering that allows almost instant loading of information and a significant reduction in bandwidth required for Internet use. Moreover, the system "Ajaxed" greatly enhances the usability of many modules and reduces the number of steps to perform more complex operations.
Google APPs integration
This useful integration allows you to take full advantage of all the most useful and free services available on Google.
All Tustena CRM components are highly integrated for total control of the state of the customer. Quotes, e-emails, phone calls, appointments, documents, projects, support and much more are readily visible and with easy access to related information. Any action taken will automatically update the data and leaves a lasting impression to ensure availability.

Tustena is a CRM always updated and with a Team of experts who every day develop new features to make it better. You'll find all the functions available to help your company improve performance in every area and to simplify rouitine day work.

Tasks and Appointments
A very simple container where you write down your commitments. For personal use without any constraint or cronostoria management. Organize your thoughts and share them with other users.
The management of integrated messaging allows the operator to be informed immediately of any event generated within the CRM, allowing you to receive notification via e-mail or SMS. The system also keeps a history of messages that ensures easy tracking of information.
PDF Management
To ensure maximum portability of the generated documents, Tustena CRM sends quotes, orders, invoices and reports in PDF format.
Global Login
All editing tasks within Tustena CRM have a name. In fact, when a field is changed or added, the system records who has complied the task, what was the previous value and a specified date. What are errors, malicious acts or simple routine, you can always know what changes have been made with a simple click.
Integrated Authentication
If it installed inside a domain, Tustena automatically recognize users through Active Directory and does not require authentication, but relies on that of Windows. When the user accesses the internet instead, the system prompts for logon credentials even in presence of a possible integrated authentication for maximum security.
Confirm Availability
If the appointment was set by another person, confirmation is required for the appointment to be confirmed. Otherwise the system will inform those who have made ​​an appointment for the refusal, greatly simplifying the management of agents and sellers.
With Tustena you will have the ability to send SMS massively to yuore customers or lead. Another way of communicating and interacting with the customer.
Print Modules
With Tustena you have the ability to create print finca for any activity, quote invoice and much more. You can customize all the documents that "come out" from Tustena CRM